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We set the standard for seafood. If you see the ASC label on pack, you can be sure that your seafood was farmed with care.

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By choosing ASC labelled seafood, you are making a proven, positive impact on people and the planet.

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Join the most recognised certification programme as proof of your responsible farming practices to a global audience.

Our impact

ASC creates measurable positive change in global seafood farming.

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The ASC programme is successful because of all producers and partners involved. Read our reports and stories.


Join the most recognised certification programme and benefit from trading ASC certified seafood.

Our impact

ASC creates measurable, positive change in global seafood farming.

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In addition to accessing our global network of secure and flexible supply, ASC partners benefit from marketing their ASC certified seafood.

ASC strengthens support in Northern Europe

December 6, 2017

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has added another member to its Commercial Team with Inger Melander taking on the role of Commercial Marketing Manager Northern Europe.

With Stockholm, Sweden as her base, Inger will liaise with seafood suppliers, brands, organisations and producers across the Nordic region. The Swedish public are amongst the most progressive regarding good environmental practice. In recent Swedish consumer survey, forty percent of the respondents agreed that it is important to them that supermarkets sell responsibly farmed seafood. With a growing interest in responsible aquaculture across the region, the appointment is a timely addition to ASC’s rapidly expanding commercial staff.

“We are very pleased to welcome Inger to our team. She comes with a tremendous experience in corporate social responsibility and commercial outreach work, which will be fully utilised in her new position,” said Esther Luiten, Commercial Director of the ASC.

“Inger will lead our work with the supply chain on stimulating the interest in our programme. She will ensure that the expanding demand for certified sourced seafood in the Nordic countries can be linked with responsible producers who care for the environment, local communities and their employees.”

“I am excited to join the ASC and I look forward to the opportunity to engage with companies already working with our programme and to encourage the interest of others, said Inger Melander, Commercial Marketing Manager of the ASC.

“Over the years, I have attained a deep knowledge of leading national and international initiatives on responsible aquaculture, as well as of corporate partnerships in the private sector. From my experience, I know that companies in the Nordic countries are front-runners in promoting sustainable practices and responsible sourcing policies.”

Inger has a solid background in work on sustainability initiatives, environmental, marine and aquaculture related areas, and corporate social responsibility. She previously worked as Sustainability Coordinator and CSR Purchaser for Lidl Sweden, where she lead the implementation of their sustainability strategies including the management of Lidl’s Sustainability Initiatives and Programs.

As a former Fisheries and Market Export for WWF Sweden, Inger was key in promoting certification programmes including the ASC. She was the Coordinator of the Seafood Consumer Guide in the Baltic and Nordic regions, and led the work on the Swedish Seafood Guide.

Good progress in the Swedish market
Over the past year, ASC has ramped up its presence in the Swedish market with a range of consumer orientated initiatives. In early June, ASC teamed up with the suppliers Miramar and Leroy Seafood at Taste of Stockholm, one of the world’s largest food festivals, to introduce ASC-certified seafood to the Swedish public. This summer also saw renowned Swedish food vlogger Matgeek visit one of Leroy’ Seafood’s farms in Tromsø, Norway.

The initiative was followed by the consumer focused Gör Maten Godare campaign in October, which saw leading Swedish retailers, brands and seafood suppliers join forces to promote responsible aquaculture through their channels.

This year, several Swedish partners have also spear-headed significant product launches. Findus Sweden introduced their first ASC certified salmon product, and Coop gained Chain of Custody certifying of their fresh fish counters for ASC certified fish. And Nordic Choice became the firsthotel chain in Scandinavia to offer ASC certified seafood on their menu.

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