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We set the standard for seafood. If you see the ASC label on pack, you can be sure that your seafood was farmed with care.

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Join the most recognised certification programme as proof of your responsible farming practices to a global audience.

Our impact

ASC creates measurable positive change in global seafood farming.

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Join the most recognised certification programme and benefit from trading ASC certified seafood.

Our impact

ASC creates measurable, positive change in global seafood farming.

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Certified, Responsible, and Delivered Straight to Your Door: Leading Online Grocer Embraces ASC Seafood

July 15, 2021

One of central Europe’s leading online groceries has shown its commitment to responsible seafood with an expansive new range of ASC and MSC certified fish which can be prepared, and delivered to customers’ doors in as little as 48 hours of being harvested.

The Fjoru brand, featuring an assortment of around 30 seafood products, has been launched today by the Rohlik Group, a leading online grocery service delivering consumers in multiple countries. Founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic, Rohlik is now also active in Hungary and Austria with expansion to Germany following soon.

Sixteen of the new products will be ASC certified, meaning they have come from farms meeting the most stringent standards for environmental and social responsibility. The launch represents a big step forward for ASC certified seafood in a region where awareness of responsible seafood is starting to grow. The commitment from Rohlik demonstrates the importance of trusted and rigorous certification programmes to retailers looking to provide consumers with assurances about the food they are selling.

A box of Fjoru brand ASC certified salmon, available to online customers of Rohlik in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria
The certified products can be delivered to customers in as little as 48 hours. Image credit: Rohlik

Consumers are able to order the products as part of their online shopping and Rohlik’s fast supply chains will ensure it arrives fresh, and the company is also maintaining quality checks at every stage in the supply chain. In addition to quality checks, as an ASC and MSC Chain of Custody certificate holder, Rohlik must also ensure all certified seafood is clearly labelled and segregated from other products across its entire supply chain. Chain of Custody certification is a requirement of any retailer or processor wishing to sell ASC or MSC certified seafood and it ensures consumers that these labels can always be trusted.

Olin Novák, CCO of Rohlik Group said: “Our goal is to cooperate with transparent and high-quality sources, our customers are the centre of our universe and we never, ever make a compromise in quality. Under a private label, we will sell assortments of fish that have the certification of MSC, ASC or Organic. These are certificates that show, among other things, how the company itself considers the environment and how it views the world, for example, in five, ten, or fifteen years and the sustainability of fish in the sea or farming.”

With around thirty certified products to choose from, there is something for everyone. Image credit: Rohlik

Simon Edwards, ASC Marketing Director, said: “This is great news for consumers in these countries, and a recognition of the importance of trusted programmes like ASC and MSC.

“Awareness is growing in new markets of the need to minimise the impacts of the food we eat. It is vital that consumers in these markets are provided with trustworthy, transparent, and credible assurances about which products are produced responsibly.

“Encouraging consumers to choose responsibly sourced seafood and reward those farmers is at the heart of the ASC programme. By making ASC certified seafood easily available to so many consumers, Rohlik are doing their part to drive up standards across aquaculture.”

Curious how ASC is growing in your country or region? Our Certification Updates are filled with fascinating stats including how many farms are certified in different countries, what they are farming, and how many certified products are available.

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